"Enable Proxies by Pattern and Priority" not by default

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"Enable Proxies by Pattern and Priority" not by default

Postby notadmin » Thu Jan 25, 2018 12:03 pm

Using FoxyProxy through Firefox 57, Linux

First of all... huge appreciation on the massive code work done regarding the new Firefox 57!

My issue... I start proxy SOCKS tunnels by default on boot. When I start FF57, FoxyProxy is checked to "Enable Proxies by Pattern and Priority". But this does not happen.
It is not until I manually choose another proxy solution (or "Turn off FoxyProxy") and then choose "Enable Proxies by Pattern and Priority" again, that the entered patterns start working. If I miss to do this manually every time I start Firefox, all connections go through my regular connection and bypasses the proxies.

FoxyProxy through older Firefox versions, and through Chromium, have never caused this problem.
Any help in solving this would be very much appreciated.

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